17.10.13 Brand new album & video clip from Pale Grey.

Image : Brand new album & video clip from Pale Grey.

Pale Grey

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This song will definitely please the alternative indie pop lovers from Gorillaz to Tame Impala or Grizzly Bear.


In 'Waves' Pale Grey mixes folk-pop, minor introspections, hip hop and electronica on an album recorded in Paris by well-known French producer Yann Arnaud who perfectly caught the universe of the band made of light and darkness.


Their meeting gave rise to several experimentations as the use of samples, the mix of genres (Late Night features hip hop artist Serengenti from Anticon) and the use of different techniques in the recording process to offer a smart and deep record.


The band will be playing at AB - Brussels tonight and in Paradiso, Amsterdam on the 13th of December.



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Pale Grey

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Pale Grey

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